Supplier Price List DMT - Same Part # with multiple price breaks error "already exists"

We are running a Supplier Price List DMT and for all parts with a single price break everything works, but for parts with multiple price breaks the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc… entry return with an “VendPart already exists” error.

How do I DMT in multiple price breaks for a single part number?

Hi Adam,

We do not have any price breaks entered into the system, but I’d like to give some generic advice for DMTs that I have found useful. Take a look at what your field names are when you enter the data in for this, eg. price breaks. Make a BAQ and bring in the associated datatable(s) and select the first few fields from the tables as these are generally the key identifiers. Show your other fields that you know you filled in when doing it manually. Run the query and see what the data looks like. This should provide clues to how Epicor DMT expects to see it. Also, only provide data that you need to provide, or you might cause more headaches with your upload.


Thanks, but I wasn’t able to get anywhere. Here’s the basic DMT that I’m trying to run into supplier price list:

Company | PartNum | PUM | EffectiveDate | VendorID | VendPBrk#BreakQty | VendPBrk#EffectivePrice

Co | 1234 | EA | 12/7/2021 | ACME | 1 | 100.00

Co | 1234 | EA | 12/7/2021 | ACME | 10 | 90.00

Unlike the sales Price List DMT which has a PriceList DMT and a PriceListPart DMT, Supplier Price List only has SupplierPriceList. In the example above I’m trying to add a different price breaks on the same part number with the same effective date, but the DMT errors out (the first line gets added, the second line fails “VendPart already exists”).

I see no way to tell the DMT to keep this second line unique to the first.


Hi Adam,

Doing a BAQ on the data, I see that VendPBrk has an effective date also, per below. I think I’ve seen effective date used as a key field in price lists before. I would add it too as VendPBrk#EffectiveDate and see if it helps.


Thanks for the idea, but I tried that and no go. The primary part number + the primary effective date seems to be the “primary key” for this DMT, rendering importing multiple price breaks impossible for the same part num + effective date.