Swagger File

Just wondering if there is a swagger file or postman collection for the REST api?

The Swagger can be reached using this address. It isn’t a file per say. It’s generated dynamically from your server.


I would highly recommend spending some time reading through this book of a thread. It explains a ton.


Brandon, great information, thank you for this post. I am with Storeroom Logix. We have an add-on application, called SRX, that supports end-customer VMI inventory and is integrated to Eclipse via API.

Can the Eclipse API file be exported in the OpenAPI format to allow it to be imported into SwaggerHub or similar Swagger ‘reader/viewer’ application?

Also, does Eclipse support any means to make or develop a custom API Request. For example, our application would like to request the ‘minimum order qty’ for a product so that the SRX application can force the reorder qty of the VMI product to the required quantity as defined in Eclipse. From the documentation that I have, API Reference, Eclipse API Developer Documentation, API Version: 9.1.1, the minimum order quantity is not an available parameter response in any of the inventory-related APIs.

Or is this an example of where you can then use REST services? If yes, how would I go about getting any documentation about the details of the Services as far as the specific service and how to format the request and the parameters available in the response? Would the Services be part of an exported OpenAPI/Swagger file?

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or insight on the availability of an API Swagger file and custom API Requests.

I don’t know anything about eclipse. I’ve never worked with it before. This is a different application that Kinetic (Epicor ERP). Sorry, good luck finding your information.

Thanks Brandon. My bad as that I am not familiar enough with the different offerings from Epicor.

Thank you for your reply.

Are you talking about Eclipse the IDE? And making calls to Epicor’s REST API in a program developed as an Eclipse project?

No, this is regarding Eclipse the product offering by Epicor that isn’t Kinetic.

And not DocStar, er, ECM, which used to have Eclipse in its name…

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Gentlemen, I am with Storeroom Logix and we offer an add-on application to manage VMI or MRO inventory for an end-customer. At a high-level, the app is a low-cost WMS application that allows the end-customer to manage storeroom or crib inventory. When the OHI count of a SKU gets to a Min level, the app creates the replenishment Order to the distributor’s Eclipse ERP via an API. Essentially a ‘light’s out; hand off’, automated order replenishment process for high-usage SKUs.

As a third-party, we struggle trying to do API integration with Eclipse, we struggle as we have no access to documentation, on-line resources or an ERP sandbox to develop and test APIs. As an example of a current challenge, we are trying to develop the string of APIs as necessary to secure all of the different data points related to a SKU to support the set-up of that SKU in our application. We are looking for:

  • Distributor part number
  • Customer part number
  • Distributor owned or consigned inventory
  • Location (bin location)
  • On-hand inventory count
  • Min level
  • Max level
  • Min Order Qty

It is my understanding that all of these data fields exist in Eclipse but are not returned as a parameter in the Eclipse APIs. When I saw references in Brandon’s postings related to ‘Services’, I was wondering if there was an extension to the documented API Requests that allowed an external source to access this data as a ‘service call’.

If anyone has any insight to this functionality, we would welcome the opportunity to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced person.

Your best bet would be to contact epicor directly for a consult or maybe even partnering, although I have no idea what that entails.

I was curious and did a quick search, I found some info that the Eclipse API is installed separately, that it also has a Swagger page with the available API endpoints and that there are some licensing stuff depending on the Service/Endpoint.

Maybe if you have access to the Customer portal you can get additional documentation, to be honest I have no idea how Eclipse works.

Thanks Jonathon!

Any additional thought or insight as to where to begin that dialogue. Is there a specific Epicor Eclipse support team and phone number that I could contact?

I would probably try the phone number on the epicor website, I couldn’t find anything more specific to Eclipse.