Tablets for E10

Are iPads and Android tablets still restricted to accessing Epicor via EWA? I know 2 years ago Surfaces were the only supported tablet to install Epicor on and Apple or Android tablets had to use a web browser to access Epicor. I just wanted to see if this info has changed over the last 1-2 years.

Thank you.

We have a surface pro user that has Epicor installed on it and it works perfectly.

We also have a few tablet/TV screens that have MES on them - and they work just fine too… But they have Windows 8 on them

Hi Abe,

The Epicor Client is still a .Net program, so the Surface is the only tablet that will run it right now. Microsoft is becoming more and more cross-platform every day. The .Net Core library is path to get Windows code to run everywhere but Epicor would have to code to that platform (as well as the underlying libraries). Some of the web-based things like Mobile CRM will run on these devices as well as the new Epicor Data Analytics. With the advent of the REST feature, users will be able to code their own little web apps too. If you need the full client, the only other way is to have a terminal server and use a Remote Desktop app.

Mark W.


Yea I knew .net was the primary thing hanging up Apple or Android Tablets but I wasn’t sure if Epicor had some other solution by now for those tablets other then using a web browser or RDP app. Thank you for the feedback!

Mobile CRM is our first effort in that direction on top of the EWA offering. I am looking forward to more customers kicking the tires on it and giving ‘enthusiastic feedback’. :wink:


You also have the option of setting up remote services and connecting with any device using RDP

Surface and surface-clones by HP, etc have worked for our needs.

We’ve also had success via RDP clients on Android Chromebooks / tablets. MES works good on touchscreen Chromebooks (Asus C-100 iirc the model right) it’s just they typically have smaller resolution screens (1280x800-ish range) so the full Epicor client is a bit starved for vertical space but usable with scrolling. Newer Chromebooks have higher resolutions too so even better!

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My company is getting ready to kick the tires on Mobile CRM, but we’re facing the age old quandary about the hardware supported.
When we started the the E9 journey, the major buzz was around the Microsoft stack and Surface tablets for remote access. We outfitted our remote sales team with Surface tablets last year and were thrilled to hear about Mobile CRM… We’ve now heard from our CAM, it apparently doesn’t run on Windows tablets?!? This couldn’t possibly be accurate, could it be?

I have no idea where that came from. Probably an IPad fanboy :wink:

It’s based on Angular so any browser should support it.


Whew!!! It was my recommendation we spring for the tablets and RDP infrastructure. I was dreading another ask.

Thanks @Bart_Elia. We’ll kick the tires and post feedback for you!

fyi - They MAY be thinking of the Mobile CRM Angular web site generated into an app store app?

I don’t think we got into the Windows app store - that may be the confusion. Of course you don’t NEED an app for Mobile CRM - it’s a web site. Of course if your users are only able to understand an app you probably have other issues. :wink:


Geez, either all users are alike, everywhere, or you just summed up my user base pretty well! Thanks for the addit’l info.

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It’s a struggle all geeks have with normals.

One of the struggles I always deal with is grabbing someone not in my geek circle and talking to them to see what normals see, think and process. For many, they can pester their wife. I don’t have that luxury - she’s a fellow geek. Kids? Nope - son is a coder for Sage and Daughter is Data Analytics geek and project manager of her team of geeks.

It’s always good to get outside of your comfort circle and try to see the POV of others. If you look at the struggles in the tech community - and politics too for that matter - we don’t get outside of our circle enough. It’s always enlightening.


…sports…spaces vs tabs…EMACs vs VIM…and other religions. :smirk:


Indeed @Bart_Elia and @Mark_Wonsil. Perspective, perspective, perspective!
Worth consideration, at least.

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Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

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Linea Pro makes some nice cases with built in barcode scanners for iOS devices. You install their keyboard wedge and it works pretty nice:

RuggedTabletPC has some nice stuff for Windows

Just call the Help Desk: 0118 999 881 999 119 7253

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Finally received a bit more guidance from on high. Apparently iOS and Android are the only platforms envisioned for Epicor mobile apps. And, mobile CRM can’t be made to work on Windows systems.

“our apps support iOS and Android and that is our ongoing platform strategy for our mobile products. We have no plans to deviate from that strategy.” - Paul Hong, Dir. Development. Epicor.

I guess we may have to make a new investment - this time in Apple hardware. Geez, it would have been nice to know!