Taking more than 25 mins to generate AR Invoice

Hi Support,

We had an issue in printing AR Invoice where it took ± 25 minutes to print preview. How can I speed up this process? Usually, it won’t take this long to generate.

Please advice. Thanks

25 minutes for one invoice? Wow ~ that’s crazy!
How many lines do you have on it?
Can you look at the system monitor detail on it and see what it thinks it’s doing all of that time?
How about looking at your system logs?
It seems like you must have something special happening on this IMO. Any bpms or customizations or report changes that could be culprit?


Hi Nancy, I checked today the invoice print in 20 seconds.

I guess it’s resolved itself then, huh?

Are you using a custom invoice form or the generic one. If a custom form it is always worth testing what happens when you run the generic if this happens again.

Also try running the Epicor client on the app server and doing the print preview if this happens again - it may be a client or a network issue and nothing to do with Epicor which you can establish if it runs fine on the server.

I have heard that this report is notorious for this behavior and that the report data definition pulls in more tables and columns than needed. Open a case with Epicor support and they might be able to tell you which tables are not needed. Once the unnecessary tables and/or columns are removed you should see it speed up. There is a tool that you can run to find unnecessary columns, but I have yet to try it out. @aidacra explained this to us last week.


I have never used the tool because it is only for 10.2.300+. I have only heard about it. If you contact support they should be able to help you with your issue. They may also be able to provide some documentation about the tool.

Here are some slides (out of context) that explain a little about the tool.

Before engaging with support I would generate the invoice using the vanilla out the box invoice using the generic RDD versus your org specific one - if it works without issue on the generic one the problem is the RDD/SSRS report for your custom one and may be out with support remit.

I agree 100% with @mcfreedombaby. Good to hear from you James.