Task Stuck in PENDING


Any thoughts on why our MRP task gets stuck in the PENDING state? Other tasks will run just fine. It cann’t be concurrent tasks because there is nothing else running. We have not changed anything on the MRP parameters other than date.

Here is an error from the Server trace log, that I think is associated with our problem.

#TriggerProvider# msg=No specific trigger fround for Ice.Triggers.IntQueOut.DeleteTrigger. Using default trigger implementation

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Is the task still running on the server? Or is it just it failed and didn’t update the status?
I sometimes get this if a system agent is restarted while a report is runing. to fix I have to update the system monitor tables.

It appears the task never started. It just stays in PENDING and does not even write a log like it would if it were to fail.


If you have tried restarting the Task Agent and Reporting Services, then as a last resort, I have removed it using the PID from the tables Ice.SysTask and Ice.SysTaskKill.

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There is no PID assigned since I think it is handed off to the IIS AppPool in E10. I have yet to see any tasks in E10 show a PID that it runs under.

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PID may have been the wrong term.
I was referring to the field called SysTaskNum within the Ice.SysTask table.

Is the AppServer URL field populated on your System Agent record? If so, blank it out, save your changes, restart the taskagent configuration for this database, and resubmit MRP.

It was. Thank you.

Actually, just got off the phone with you and Warren. So for the benefit of everyone else here, the problem turned out to be a custom database trigger that was created on the ice.SysTask table. There was an error in the the trigger that was preventing the MRP task from writing anything to the ice.systask table. In turn, the MRP process would simply stay in PENDING. Once we disabled the trigger, new MRP processes were able to start normally.

So, thank you again guys for helping out with this and teach us some other things like the AppServer URL and DNS Endpoint fields should be blank.