Technical support lifecycle end date for Crystal Reports 8.0

Thought I would pass this along to the group.

Patrick Winter

At Crystal Decisions, each version of our product is
supported for a predetermined period of time from its
release date, thereby establishing its Technical Support
Lifecycle (for more details, please visit
This clear and predictable policy for technical support
timelines enables our customers to better plan their
deployments and their support needs.

This policy is also our commitment to provide interactive
technical support for Crystal Reports for at least 30 months
after release date. Crystal Reports version 8.0 was first
released in January 2000 and will have been supported for 42
months during its support lifecycle.

Crystal Reports 8.0 will reach its technical support
lifecycle on June 30, 2003

Upon expiration of your technical support contract, you will
be limited to self-serve, online support resources available
at for your Crystal
Reports version 8.0 product.

After June 30, 2003 interactive technical support for
Crystal Reports version 8.0 will no longer be available for
purchase and will not be provided beyond the expiration of
current technical support contracts.

If you wish to extend your technical support for this
product, you must purchase either Crystal Care Advantage or
Crystal Care Enterprise prior to June 30, 2003. To purchase
incident-based Crystal Care Advantage, visit our eStore at To purchase Crystal Care
Enterprise, an annual technical support contract, please
contact a Crystal Decisions office near you by visiting


Crystal Decisions