Temporary Concession Parts


How do you control parts temporarily authorised for use under concession?

We’ve a capacitor that has 1 qualified manufacturer & manufacturer part number. It is unavailable for a few months, so an alternate has been concessed for 1 job.
How would you control it so we only buy the concessed part for 1 job?

I can only think of creating a new part number and adding it to the job. But would like to add the concession part under Qualified Manufacturer Maintenance.


personally, in order to control this, I would think that changing the part on the job to a “Purchase Direct” job, would/could keep the proper controls. You can add material part comments to the job specifying the variance. You could even tweak the part number to a POTF (part on the fly) so that if there were any extras they would not be returnable to stock (by accident).
The only true way to put the qualified mfg and mfg part number is to make it a stock part. where I used to work, we dealt with part substitutions of unqualified parts all the time. But in our world, many of the substitutes were different part numbers BECAUSE they could not be used on all upper level assemblies… But in the electronics industry, having 5 part#s because there are 5 manufacturers would be a little harsh.