Thanks ! Blank Title 73030

I've been a member of this list as well as VMUG from about 1999
through 2004 and again for the last eight months or so of 2008 at a
different company. Vantage support has been pretty good but the best
place to get a straight answer and both quick and direct help from
people who have been there done that has always been this list. I
tried to give as good as I got whenever I thought I could be helpful
but I received tons more ideas, work arounds, tips, and help than I
could ever repay. Thanks to all who take the time to contribute and

Unfortunately, the economy and other factors have me back out in the
job market again so this is goodbye for the second time.

Anyone doing a new or re-implementation in the greater Chicagoland
area (north, west, and southern Wisconsin) that could use a hand for
the short or long term I should be able to help. Also interested in
any full time general / manufacturing / production management

Thanks again for all the great ideas and help over the years.

Greg Clauser