Tidy Up before Upgrade


Looking at tidying up our Epicor system before we upgrade.

I want to review all baqs, see if there used by dashboards, and also if there deployed in menu maintenance. I really am trying to avoid doig this manually!

I can see i can query baqs and dashboards that are associated by linking Query ID


I want to go one step further with menu to see if they are deployed…I have Menu as a table i can use, but if i join to dashbaord using dashboard id as the link i only get manager queries output (like standard, no customised ones)

Is there a way i can link?

Thanks as always guys!

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Hi Carla! you would need to create a calculated field in the Menu table from the Arguments field that would contain the 4th through n characters(the dashboard ID) and link the table to the Ice.DashBdDef table DefinitionID field. That would get runtime dashboard entries, compiled dashboards would not link in this manner without stripping the dashboard ID name out of the Arguments and using that for the link.