Time Phase - Where are Transfer Order Suggestions pulled from inside database

Environment: Epicor 10 locally hosted

Problem: Our team is tasked with augmenting a custom web-based report by adding in time-phases “Transfer Order Suggestion” functionality.

Our first attempt: We were hoping it would be as easy as UNIONing in TFOrdSug table with our current query. That did help, by adding in the “Suggestion TO” records but many of the rows “Reduce TO”, “Suggested Transfer from Site…”, “Expedite TO” are still not appearing (they don’t appear to live inside TFOrdSug).

Our question: Where do the aforementioned rows live (or are they calculated on the fly by Epicor?)

Thank you so much!
Brett Brewster

All of the information for the time phase is stored in PartDtl. If I remember correctly, you should not have to use any other tables except for retrieving other relevant data.

Hey jkane,

I appreciate the prompt reply. Unfortunately, we already are using PartDtl and it does not show us all of the info inside of Time Phase. As you can see below, there are 3 rows in time phase for 05-17 but only one of those exists inside of PartDtl.

Thank you,
Brett Brewster

@Brett I do not do Transfer orders or Forecasting, but look in the Forecast or ForecstDtl tables for the the forecast information. With PO Suggestions sometimes Epicor will make an adjustment assuming you will do what they suggested, so there are two actions for one PartDtl. You may find that is also the case for TOs

To dig deep you want to go thru the MRP logs and read the MRP tech ref for your version available on EpicWeb.

Eg. Epicor10_techrefMaterialRequirementsPlanning_102400.pdf

The table is TFOrdSug

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Thank you @gpayne, I think we will end up having to look through the MRP logs, that’s a good idea!

@tanner, as mentioned in the original question, we are already joining TFOrdSug. Are you sure that the mentioned rows (Expedite TO, Reduce TO, etc) are found inside TFOrdSug?

Sorry I missed that in your original question :sweat_smile:. I do not know off hand where they live but may be able to look at the underlying business object later

I believe that unfirm transfer order suggestions are actually kept directly in the transfer order detail, and the only difference is the status of the transfer line item. You might check in the detail file.