Time Phase

Hi, We have 3 sites, only one is a manufacturing site with warehouse & Sales office, the other 2 are warehouses with Sales offices. the problem is, from our manufacturing site we can only see sales orders for that site on the one page, I have to change sites in order to see their demand.
I would like to see all demand from the one page, is this possible?

Since time phase is a purchasing function, and purchasing is site specific, you wouldn’t see the other sites demand.

Demand at other sites would only appear as demand on your manufacturing site, if they were to be fulfilled by Transfer Orders from your manufacturing site.

There may be a way to get around this, by using consolidated purchasing. I don’t use it, so I don’t know the details of it. Or if it would even work for a single company with multiple sites. All the help on consolidated purchasing refers to multi-compnay, not multi-site.

Have you looked at Part Tracker? If you go to the On Hand tab and then to the Warehouses tab below, you should be able to see total demand by warehouse. You can then add a summary to the view to see total demand for all warehouses.

Hi Andrew,

We also have 3 sites and have always wished for the ability to see all demands across company at once in timephase inquiry. Since we couldn’t do that, we use the partdtl table and run a query and then toss it out to Excel for further analysis. It took us years to find that partdtl table…

Anyway, here’s a post about it that provides more info: