Timing of PO Suggestions w/ respect to due date and lead times

With the supply chain issues today lead times are not known as they vary drastically. From a buyer’s planning standpoint this has led to the question of when will PO suggestions be made. More concretely say we have an Order due June 2022 that will drive inventory negative for a part, and the lead time for that part is ~180 days. In theory we don’t need to purchase anything until Dec 2022, but in the current environment our buyer would like to reach out now to check on lead times. This has lead to the question of when will PO Suggestions be made in the scenario above. Would we receive them now(when the order is firm) or when it’s time to buy based on lead time and due date(Dec 2022)?

When the order is firm Epicor will work out the lead time. Hierarchy is:

  1. Part LT
  2. Supplier Price List LT
  3. Supplier PartNum LT

3 beats 1 & 2. 2 beats 1.