Time Phase Inquiry

This part is going to be negative on 3/7 but I see no PO Suggestions in place…is that due to the lead time being 150 days and Epicor just says “Welp, we can’t do nothing about that…”?

Or is there another config option in this part that may be set incorrectly?

Do you see purchasing suggestions later on in the Time Phase (around the end of June/beginning of July?) If so, then it’s probably the lead time that is causing this problem.

You can also check New PO Suggestions to see if there are suggestions there. If the lead time is a problem, the Order By date will be today but the Due Date will be 150 days out because of the lead time.

I have seen this type of question many times, and it nearly always leads to a data issue.

  1. When you run Generate MRP or Generate PO Suggestions, you have a cutoff date. if you enter something there, then MRP Stops planning after that date.
  2. Sometimes, AFTER MRP runs, a user will change something. Seeing this change is sometimes difficult. for example, you run MRP, then someone schedules/reschedules the job, or changes the quantity… it will look like MRP didn’t plan for something, when in fact, MRP didn’t know about it at the time.

For #1 above… make sure that you run it “wide open” without a cutoff date
for #2 above… try rerunning Generate PO Suggestions again, to see if this goes away, and if it does, it was most likely due to a change after it ran.


I had the same thought, so I checked and we have MRP set to run a full regen nightly, with no cutoff date.

Not that this plays any role (although it may), does Epicor handle the Lead Time and Safety Stock differently between Purchased parts and Manufactured parts?

This is very good advice, and something I do whenever I am trying to figure out why MRP/PO Suggestions did or didn’t do something as expected. Far too often the reason is because something supply/demand related changed since the last time it was run.

I’m going to give that a shot once our afternoon report-rush finishes and the task agents free up.

At the bottom of your image, it looks like there may be a PO listed. Is there a change suggestion against that PO to expedite and get qty in sooner?

There was one listed, and further down there was an expedite for it, yes.

They added a Min On Hand of 800,000 EA and reran MRP for this part since I first posted, so those PO’s have been replaced with others.

Now it is suggesting a few PO’s on 4/12/2024 for 500,000ea, and then on 5/5/2024 and 5/15/2024 it says “Expedite PO” for both of them. I’m not a ‘front end’ user of Epicor, so I am not ashamed to say that I am not 100% certain why it is waiting a month before expediting.

And I figured out the answer to my question I think…In the original post, there was an order for 500,000 pieces that is due to be delivered on 4/4, which isn’t shown in the image. The fact that there was already an order in the system is why it wasn’t suggesting to get more at that time. The PO can be seen in this updated image in this post.