Tools for importing

What’s the recommended go to application for importing data these days?

We have. Product information management (PIM) system that I’m creating DMT files from using SSIS. I then manually run them through DMT. I want to automate that some how. There will be multiple like files with a time stamp e.g part_1113211700.csv. We had service connect in the past but that did stress my brain.

Don’t mind a little subscription service but not looking to invest in a platform. Just automate DMT style processes

@richard_cj_gardner Search the site for DMT and Powershell. You will find several threads like this one.


Thanks Greg. Have been able to accomplish what I needed using Powershell. I knew it was possible but am not totally familiar with PS and thought it would be hard to loop through unknown file names. Seems like it wasn’t hard at all!

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