Schedule Task DMT Import

Is there a way to create a scheduled task that would use the DMT program to import AP Combined Invoice? If so, how could that be done?

You would create a task using Windows Scheduler and point it to a batch file that runs the DMT. Let me know if you want more detail and I can post an example.

I would like an example of the batch file… It’s fairly obvious you can open programs up using batch files, but how do you select the type of DMT you’re running (Customer, Part, etc.) and import the file and what not?

The only issue I see with that recommendation is that the User password is not encrypted in a batch file which makes the password not secure and available to anyone who opens the file.

You can use Powershell to call DMT and then you can have the password encrypted

Here is a link to a GitHub on it, there was/is a thread around here for it too but I don’t have it bookmarked.

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very helpful, thank you.

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