Tracing Alternate Method parts used from SO Serial #

Just starting to implement Alternate Methods. We serialize top level assemblies and those are tracked on the Sales Order. What is best practice (or any process) to go from known S/N on a Sales Order back to the Alternate Method (really, just all the parts/revisions present in that assembled item) on the day it was transacted to the Sales Order? We’ve never done it prior to Alt Methods, so we have no process to do it now when things are getting complicated.

well, the JOB is your friend… the job that you made the serial number holds all the details of how that job was created. If you look at the part transaction history, you can filter by JOB and see what materials were consumed to make the part. Labor detail also shows the operations and who did the work.

If you are referencing going into Job Tracker…that was the first place I looked. I even have the kanban job # for this particular test i’m working through. However, it doesn’t show a recursive BOM, only the top level. Now way to dig down through the full list of materials. Both on the left pane and in the Job Details->Materials->List. Is there another report/operation I should be using, because perhaps I haven’t been given access to it.

no, there is no way to see the recursive information without creating a recursive query on the Part Tran table.

Thank you Tim for the response.