Tracing Option changes

First and foremost, change the behavior of the VIEW button. Currently it explicitly opens the log file (txt) up in Notepad. Most of us doing serious tracing use a different notepad, like Notepad++ for ez XML. Despite having txt files associated with this program, the tracing form always uses notepad. If a user doesnt have a default handler for txt files, theres a serious problem.

Another neat feature would be the ability to pass a filter (wildcards would be nice) to make is easier to hunt for our target in the trace file.

I might be misunderstanding, but, there is a mark text option on the UI trace which allows you to insert a value to make it easier to find the start of the block you’re interested in.

100% agree with the View button–should just use the system registered program for the txt extension.


Thanks @aidacra, I played with the Write option last night, I wasnt really sure what was happening. I saw it making a xml node, but it always seemed to be blank. Perhaps that’s because I wasnt using it right. I’ll go back and play with it again.