Tracking Flexographic Plates

Looking to see if there are any other flexographic printers out there that have a tried and true way of tracking their plates. I have considered RFID or labels, or metal hang tags, but all fall short in one way or another.

I feel like labels on the back would get constantly destroyed from stickyback
RFID might survive but we sometimes have plate slugs smaller than an RFID square tag
Metal hang tags are fine but for sure will get lost and get lost often.

Is there like an injectable pill style rfid that we could put in the side of a plates waste area?

Any plate manufacturers out there that embed rfid? Even if it was just a readable serial number that’s all I would need.

Looking for thoughts and ideas

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Search for Passive RFID tags. Those require no power supply and therefore can be really small.

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We do use them for other things, my concern is still if it will create phantom impressions in the print because they can be fairly thick. Only testing on the floor will tell me that, but thought I would put out feelers for if anyone is doing something like this already.

TRPGR30ATGC Texas Instruments | Mouser

Pill style

It’s been in the back of my mind. I wish I could get one or two to do a POC with I don’t want to buy 1800 at a time LOL

Also if it’s not a red or blue pill… we don’t want it.




If you reach out for samples, a lot of places like that will send you a couple for free. (And I know how much you like free!)