Tracking WIP leftover from job after job is closed

We have jobs where we complete some of the operations, then we move the WIP to our warehouse for further processing at a later date. If the WIP is not being processed for awhile, we will close the job. When we want to finish the processing we will open a new job and use the WIP from the prior job and complete the remaining operations.

Is there a way to track physical WIP that exists after the job is closed?

when you closed the job, the system wrote off all the costs… that would be my concern about this process. I would rather leave the job OPEN (but unrelease it, Remove from teh schedule, put a job comment on it etc), and then you have an “inventory” of jobs that are in this status.
Where i used to work, we had a “job hold” cabinet that all these went into. the cabinet was locked (so nobody would “borrow” from them), and every year, during physical inventory, we audited the hold cabinet to make sure that they were all still necessary.

How do we put a job on Hold?

Tim mentioned how in the post, leave the job open but keep it unreleased and remove it from scheduling so it’ll still be “live” but just not released so nobody will be able to clock into it or issue/return material from the job. It’s not an official hold but it’ll stop activity happening

Thank you, I was hoping there was a button you could just ciick to put the job on hold.

Nope, but you’ll find just un-releasing the job will be a good enough hold, will prevent anyone clocking in, issuing/returning any material or receipting.

Thanks again. :blush: