Transfer Order Shipment In Transit

Hey all!
We are multi-site and use transfer orders to send material back and forth between sites. What’s the best way to find TO lines that are “in transit” using a BAQ? I am not seeing a status that would correlate with that. I hope I’m just missing something easy.


Bah. I think I figured it out. I just need to look at TFOrdDtl and TFOrdHead. I was filtering based on Open Line and Open TO and I think the Line closes when it’s shipped… but the Order remains open until all lines are received… does that sound right?

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There is a table called Erp.PlantTran.

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I don’t know if it is due to bugs or our own process or not, but there are sometimes discrepancies between PLantTran and the results I get doing what you were originally doing with TFOrdDtl and TFOrdHead or TFShiphead and TFShipDtl

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And yeah, plant tran has a transtatus field that says open or closed.

Good stuff. Thanks for pointing this out. It might actually answer a different question that I had bouncing around in my head. I was seeing an extra transaction in SNTran that was not lining up with one in PartTran. It was related to when we transferred a serial tracked part from plant to plant. It was like this weird transaction that was “closing” the transfer order but didn’t show up on PartTran. I wonder if this is where it was coming from.