Triggering tax calc (TaxConnect) on a Sales Order using REST API

We have a project to implement our e-com website to Epicor. We’re trying to use all REST API with the integration and it’s creating the SO fine but when they send the final MasterUpdate it won’t trigger Avalara.

Make sure the ready to calc checkbox is marked, also the tax liability should be marked as “Tax Connect Calculation”.
There is also a public endpoint which is called when you do a manual Calculate Taxes in the UI, I believe it is called SetReadyToCalc in most Business Objects.

That should be enough to trigger the tax calculation.

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Looks like that was it. We got it to work by setting OrderRel.TaxConnectCalc = true and RowMod = U and the TaxConnectStatus section RowMod = A it’ll then trigger the tax calc in the Master Update. The traces we did in Epicor wasn’t setting the “A".