Trying to do custom start dates on jobs

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We are merging to epicor 9 from visual manufacturing and our consultant doing the implementation cant answer my question. Is there a way to enter a start date manually into the job schedule instead of relying on the scheduler to do it? We need to start jobs early due to un-predictable constraints in our factory but don’t want to mess with the required date. I understand once the job is released the scheduled completion dates will not be 100% accurate but we use a different system to track jobs so that’s not a big issue. Thanks.


@mjfitzner I am not sure about the answer to your question, but I do wonder why you are going to Epicor 9 instead of 10?

If I was in charge of IT and spending don’t worry we would be. We were bought by another company who runs 9 and they want us to be the same

I am not sure of any way to control the start date. You could work with the scheduling priorities and other attributes of this type to move it up. You could also forward schedule instead of backward schedule, but I do not recommend that. I would recommend using the scheduling priorities and then just work on the job early if required. There is definite possibilities within the system to get the schedule you would like.

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That is wild.

I would agree with Josh.

Our issue is we need the scheduled start date to reflect when we need material and through our engineering dept. Once it is released to the floor with material we can prioritize the jobs manually

What version of SQL server are you going to use?

Then you will want to try forward scheduling to get it in the schedule earlier I would think. It will take some testing and configuring to find a solution that works for you.

That im not sure about…I am just the master scheduler trying to get some questions answered

I cant speak specifically to E9, but in E10, you can either set a start date and schedule forward, or set an end date and schedule backwards. If you dont mind heavy customization, you can actually completely write your own scheduling functions (happens to be what I am working on now).

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You will have to go each job individually in the Resource Scheduling Board and change the start date and forward schedule as others have mentioned here.

Vinay Kamboj

Hi Mike,

I do not exactly understand what you are trying to do, but perhaps global scheduling would help you. We used to do it in E9 but never got back around to it in E10 I’m sorry to say. I’ll chalk it up to mgmt priorities. I just ran a test and see similar functionality to what we saw in E9.

The Calculate Global Scheduling order program may be used for a bulk run down of what jobs are out there open and valid for scheduling. After running the calculate, we would take Adjust Global Scheduling Order out to Excel and then take a subset that we wanted to schedule forward from today and uncheck Backwards scheduling on the group. We would leave in any jobs that we wanted to backwards schedule and delete any jobs we didn’t want to reschedule form the Adjust Global Scheduling order list; Then we’d run Global Scheduling and voila, global scheduling of a subset of jobs, forward or backward as needed.

Finally the list of jobs recently scheduled can be pasted on to job scheduling board list view and reviewed as needed.

You might be able to get something running with this that would be useful for your bulk scheduling needs.


Nancy…we are going to running a global scheduler but the issue is the start date is provides for the job will not allow enough time in the shop to finish. In our last ERP system we were able to put our own start date and end date and it would backward schedule from the end date. According to the system it says certain operations wouldn’t have to be done for quite some time but we tracked all the jobs differently. I need a way to force the system to say a different start date.

Hi Mike,

In E10 I see that at time of Global Scheduling here, I can change the Scheduled Start date to what I want. Then the jobs on the Adjust Global Scheduling order list that haven’t been deleted and are unchecked for backwards schedule will get forward scheduled. Can you do this in E9 too? Would that help?

This is akin to manual scheduling in job entry clicking Forward and inputting start date:


After all is said and done, if you wish to set a start date then you will need to forward schedule the job with the start date. Material lead times will be used from that date. Later on if you wish you can always reschedule the job without
affecting any completed operations. If you wish (after engineering), you can always reschedule the job backwards or use the global rescheduling.

Reminder: If you decide to global reschedule the shop but don’t want a specific job to move, make sure to lock the job.

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Charlie this may be my best option. Thanks

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