Turn off all bpms E10

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When we were on E9 we could easily turn off all bpms for testing on our development database by changing the name of the bpm folder. It was a terrific way to check whether a bug had anything to do with our bpms.

Is there any suggested “easy-ish” way to turn off bpms in one fell swoop? If not, is there any suggested means of doing it rather than going through each method directive, data directive individually?


In your appserver’s web.config, search for
customizationSettings disabled=“false”
change it to
customizationSettings disabled=“true”


What @danbedwards said, but do it on a test system as it disables all customizations for everyone.


What @danbedwards and @Randy said, and don’t forget to turn them back on.


Sounds like we’re both speaking from experience @utaylor. I still tease my ex co-worker for disabling all customization on live one day. :slight_smile:

Ex co-worker not because of that, I have moved to another company.

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Do you have to keep the BPM folder’s in sync if you use multiple app servers?

No. That was mostly an E9 thing.

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So how is there a flag in the App Server to enable or disable them? That makes me think I could have one app server enabled and another disabled?

That is a good question and I would disable in the web config for each application server instance. I have not tested that setting with multiple app servers but I am guessing it is specific to just that application server

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