UBAQ to Complete / Close Jobs

Hi! I’m trying to create an UBAQ to Complete and Close Jobs. We use the AutoComplete/Close process which Complete/Closes the majority of them. There are always a bunch that need to be reviewed outside the predetermined thresholds. My goal is to mass Complete/Close these Jobs that are left after doing a Qty/Financial review. Doing a DMT is not convenient, it seems that giving the users the ability to Complete/Close them on a Dashboard screen is faster.

The topic has been mentioned before. From what I read, to successfully create this UBAQ you need to recreate the BO Methods that you can find with a Trace and set the Variables to process them. I know how to do the Trace, and find those methods. I don’t have an idea where, how I’m suppose to write the codes in the BPM Directives since my knowledge is limited on this regard.

Could someone share an UBAQ so I can reverse engineer it and tailor our needs? Or could someone provide some insight on where to start to get this done?


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Hi @lfheredia,
Create a UBAQ with the JobHead table. Include Fields JobHead_JobComplete and JobHead_JobClosed in Display fields.
Then, inside the Update Tab, check both fields as updatable:

Then, in the Update Processing tab, select Job Entry BO with UpdateExt method.

That’s it. Save BAQ and Create dashboard…

Thanks for your response. I tried it, but I have some problems. I don’t think it triggered all the background processes that should clear open material demand / clear time phase/ clear scheduled load, etc.

For example, I completed & closed Job 3080851 thru the UBAQ, and the Dates are not populated in the Job Closing screen.

The Job shows Closed in Job Entry though,

But the component demand is still open and displayed on Time phase

From what I read thru different posts, we need to replicate the BO’s called in the Job Closing screen.

From @josecgomez on a different post:

I believe you need to set up your Updatable BAQ to use ‘Advanced BPM Update’, and configure a BPM that is associated with the BAQ to run the appropriate Job Closing BO methods.

Something like this:

This is just a quick example I threw together. Completely untested, but hopefully gets you going in the right direction.

Thanks Andrew, It makes sense. I’ll try to figure it out.

It took me sometime to figure it out, but your response show me the path.

is it possible to upload your UBAQ here pal ?