UD Field weirdness

We used the V8 Character fields to store comments
these carried over to 10.0 and then 10.1 and now 10.2
We have a record where the Character10 field can’t be altered except to delete text - and when text is deleted it can not be re-added. Other part numbers work fine

Anyone see this behavior for select records?
is there a way to get the raw characters out of the column to view in a text editor that would show any funky character codes?

I’ve never seen anything record specific that didnt relate to bpms or customization.

If you make a quick updatable baq on that record, can you change it?

Were they converted to Extended UD fields in E10? Because the native Part table only has fields “UserChar1 … 4”, UserDate1…4", UserDecimal1…4" and “UserInteger1…2”

If they are extended UD, did you check the field size? Here’s a screen shot of a Char field we added to OrderHed. Pretty sure trying to make that hold more than 25 chars can cause issues - but just UI issues, not actual database issues.


Can you expand on “can not be re-added”?
Do you receive an error message? Is the field then grayed-out/read-only? Does it let you type a value and press save, but, it doesn’t actually save the new value to the record in SQL?

I can backspace and delete text. I can not add any text. However If I delete the contents of the textbox, I can then type text into the field

There are only 32 lines of text so I might have them re-type it in

This came from converted progress data so I am pretty sure there are some non printing characters in there that cause the text box to not allow new text to be entered

stock vantage 8 character 10 field that was carried over to Epicor 10 during the data upgrade process x(1000)

I have seen this issue on one particular job UD comment field also. We’ve just added other comments to another field for the time being.

As we were used to the Vantage 6 comment fields getting full and causing errors in crystal, we have sort of learnt to deal with character limit issues, but this does not seem to be the same beast.

As it turns out, we are bumping into the 1000 character limit for the field - it was never ‘enforced’ prior to ‘upgrading’ to

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