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Can you pick up the value in preprocessing and assign it to your callcontextbpm data and then use that in your post?

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I have added a customized window, using UD table.

In UD04.Number03 I am storing a certain value for tool1 which is found in UD04.ShortChar05==>key1(value x)

as key 1 is incremented(a new entry created "x+1") I might be using again tool1(UD04.ShortChar05) but with a smaller value in UD04.Number03.

The smaller value from UD04.Number03, let's say I want to pass it to UD04.Number05 or whatever.

I have created a BPM on Update.UD04 and a post processing with custom code.

Inside I have the following code:

foreach (var ttUD04_R in ttUD04)


//Find out if all values in Db.UD04.ShortChar05 are unique:

var allUnique = Db.UD04.GroupBy(x => x.ShortChar05).All(g => g.Count() == 1);

if (allUnique == true)


string Tool = ttUD04_R.ShortChar05;

if (Tool.StartsWith("T."))


ttUD04_R.Number03 = (Convert.ToInt32(ttUD04_R.Number05) - Convert.ToInt32(ttUD04_R.Number04));





var ttUD04_Recs = (from ttUD04_Row in Db.UD04 where ttUD04_Row.Company == Session.CompanyID orderby ttUD04_Row.Number03 descending select ttUD04_Row).FirstOrDefault();

if(ttUD04_Recs != null)


ttUD04_R.Number05 = ttUD04_Recs.Number03;




I create key1 which is 1 then select tool1, then key1 which is 2 then select the same tool and it works ok, the value is passed from Number03 to Number05, but when I create next key1=3 and enter that same tool, it passes the value from key1=1, and not the last value from key2.

Is there a possibility of getting this to work?

I hope I have been clear enough.


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