Unable to set GL Control at Site Configuration


We are unable to set the GL control account at the Site Configuration Level.

Upon clicking Create GL Account, no GL Control Type is available for selection.
(we have created GL control Codes)

If we try to use existing GL Control, we get an error Invalid Control Type.

Due to this we are unable to Capture COS/WIP and the error generates, Error: Header Rule : Can not set up Journal Code

Please assist.

Epicor Cloud (Version 10.2.700.8)

Try running the below conversion from conversion workbench. Once this conversion completes, it will import all GL transaction types.

cvpe0000 - Import GL Transaction Types

@prash172 Thank you for your response.

Which conversions do we have to do?

Please elaborate.

We already have the latest GL Transaction types, which we shall import.

Open the below menu and find the “cvpe0000 - Import GL Transaction Types”
Select the row and double click
Action menu -> submit

@prash172 Thank you so much

Hi @prash172

We ran the conversion process via the conversion workbench, we imported the GL transaction types,

But we still can not get the GL Control Types selection options at the site configuration level.

Please assist.

Could you send me the screen shot of the error .

Hi @prash172, here are the screenshots

Check whether GL control code is defined ?
Menu Path:- Finance Management -> General Ledger -> Setup -> GL Control Code


If the above setup is complete, then go to company configuration. Assign the inventory GL control code.


Thank you @prash172 will do so and revert back.

Hello @prash172, we have set the GL control codes for Inventory COS and WIP, also set it at the GL Control Code level,

But we still get an error. Please assist.

Screenshots attached.


Finance management -> General ledger -> Setup -> GL Control Type
Select inventory cos and wip and add Plant configuration as the value to the business entity.
This will enable the gl control type in the plant configuration under inventory.

what type of inventory transaction are you posting ?
What are the segments in the COA ?

Have you set the default GL Control Codes at the Company level?

@prash172 we are posting, customer shipment, cost and qty adjustments, and purchase receipts for stock related transactions.

The segments are Natural account and Branch (division), we do not use departmental segment.

@jkane Yes we have

@prash172 we have set the Part Class IDs and Product Group (with their respective GL Control Codes)

It’s not real. Support confirmed this for me last year.

@varanimesh, I think this comment was meant for this thread…

But regardless, your note helped - I didn’t realize the part about not being able to post.

OK, so the error is “can not set up Journal Code.” I don’t see what led you to thinking that the problem is this Plant Configuration GL Code. I feel like these are unrelated.

Can you elaborate on those other error messages that say, “locked by manager… Reviewing in 11 R…”

Hello @JasonMcD

May be I should ask the question as follows:

If we set the Part Class GL account and Product Group GL account , should that not be sufficient for a Journal code to be generated? (these will offset the inventory and sales account respectively)

This is when we perform a sales cycle, (customer shipment and AR Invoice)
The customer GL Control has been set.
Must we also have to set up the account at the Part GL control account as well.

Since the Inventory COS and WIP has only balance sheet related accounts.

I’ve never seen this “journal code” error before, and I am surprised that there are no other posts on this site about it either, as far as I could tell.

There are some hits on EpicCare, and they say what everyone here has said - make sure you have a GL code on the company config. And it looks like you do.

In a word, no. Not always. There’s a hierarchy (have you downloaded the tech ref from EpicWeb?).

But to cut to the chase, in your da01 GL code setup (the company COS/WIP one), I implore you to have an account number filled in for every required “context.”

Maybe you are thinking, but I don’t want it to use the company setting! Well, sure, I get that.

What we do is use “suspense” (9999) as a placeholder in those cases (see pic below). This way when we run the Inventory WIP Reconciliation Report, anything that hits suspense (9999) is a big red flag and MUST be fixed before capturing the transactions.

This brings up a question: are you using the Inventory WIP Reconciliation Report? It’s a must.

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