Understanding MRP Suggestions


Trying to understand how MRP suggestions are working. (We’re partially through implementation so pretty new to this)

In the below Time Phase screen, MRP is suggesting cancelling firm job FRM1041 on 11/08/2022 and raising job FRM1042 for the same amount a day later.

Are there settings we could use to get MRP to do either of the following?:

  1. Leave FRM1041 where it is and make no suggestion
  2. Move FRM1041 to a day later

Essentially looking to get MRP to cancel the ‘Expedite Job: FRM1042’ suggestion that it’s made on 13/10/2022,

Thanks in advance for any help!

On the job header, try Locking the Schedule for the job; this should stop the job from rescheduling.

You can also lock the quantity on the job to stop the Reduce Suggestions.

The fields you want are on the Part under the Sites/Planning tab. The fields are Reschedule Out Delta and Reschedule In Delta. They control how many Expedite and Postpone suggestions you get for Manufactured and Purchased parts.

If you are going down the MRP path and have not done it before, you should print out the technical reference guide. That will be your bible through your journey.


This solved it - thank you!

do you mean , we need to put any value in those field? I mean days like 20 or 30 ? what exactly need to fill on those field?

@Erpfan , there is no standard value to enter in the fields. MRP is very specific to your company’s manufacturing cadence and needs. The best advice I can give is to identify a postpone or expedite suggestion that you do not want and enter a value in the fields to try and have it not appear. Play around with that one part until you are happy with the result and take what you learned to try on other parts until you are comfortable to set up all of your parts.

Thank you.