Updatable BAQ PartOpr

Am trying to update PartOpr.DaysOut but the PartOpr is not in the list of Business Objects. Help.

PartOpr is part of the Bill of Materails and Revision and you can’t update that directly, you need ot use engineering workbench./

Darn. We need to update several. What do you think about doing it in MSSQL?

Absolutely not something I would support… DMT May be your friend here.

I tend to agree. However, based on some business needs, I had to make something like this already. I expect this to be broken in all sorts of ways once we get forced to full on Kinetic. The underlying BPM is messy to say the least. But, it does what I need, and may be able to edit days out like you need. The problem is that you have to check the part out to an ECO then check it back in. These BPMs automate all that stuff. It’s the dirty way around the DMT.
FWIW Check out “Edit Any Op”, here:

Good luck!