Updatable Dashboard - Inventory Transfer BO

I am trying to learn how to program an updateable dashboard with an advanced BPM. I am trying to call the InvTransfer BO but I keep getting an error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

using(var bo = Ice.Assemblies.ServiceRenderer.GetService<Erp.Contracts.BO.InvTransfer>(Db))


I have added the code in the “Usings/References” Assemblies area of my Custom Code node in the .Update / Base Processing area.

I have a web development background and trying to understand how to reference things properly is certainly a work in progress.

before you can a call to that BO, you will need to setup the Db record. it is sometimes hard to figure out what to do next…
BUT… the best way is to do the steps you want to perform manually, and run a trace while doing it… then look at all the BO’s called, and repeat those.
I have made an updatable dashboard that allows for “Mass Checkout” of parts to the engineering workbench by doing such calls… but I also did it without writing C#… instead, i used the widgets to call the business objects, which then helps guide you through all the coding.

I can see through the trace that it uses “ds” when I CommitTransfer on the ERP.InvTransfer Object. Is there a best practice on setting the ds variable to bind?

I have an Invoke BO Method ERP.InvTransfer.GetTransferRecord which I have already passed the IPartNum and uomCode from the queryresultDatasetResult

Hello Brad,

Did you ever figure out your UBAQ dashboard for this? If so would you be willing to share the UBAQ and dashboard files/code. Thanks so much!