Updatable Dashboard - Jobs


I have an updatable dashboard that shows open jobs. I only have two updatable fields: Due Date, Job Comment.
I cannot change/update them on the dashboard because i get a warning saying that the job is engineered and fields cannot be changed.
So i also entered “Engineered” and “Released” fields as updatable.
I first tested if I can untick “Engineered” and “Released” and then save the BAQ, but it didnt succeed. i got a message saying the operation cannot be left blank.

Ultimately, I would like the dashboard to be able to update the Due Date and Job Comment, with/without having to tick/untick “Engineered” and “Released”.


Company config uncheck Prevent changes to engineered jobs

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I had a similar issue not too long ago, detailed in the post below. I am using an updateable dashboard in EMA to change custom fields in jobhead without having to unengineer and unrelease.

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the advice. Would that mean that anyone can make changes to jobs using Job Entry without unticking “Engineered” as well? or is there a way to just apply this setting for the BAQ/Dashboard?


It would mean anyone can. I don’t know your process however I know a good majority of people leave that option disabled because of it’s restrictiveness. If you want the BAQ to do updates with that enabled, you should be able to hand code the updates in an advanced UBAQ BPM but buyer beware you could break stuff.