Updateable Dashboard - Job Operations

I know there have been similar posts on here regarding this, but I want to see if this is possible. We have an updateable dashboard that uses the JobHead table. To get around the engineered/released limitation, we added these fields to the dashboard and made them updateable as well. This is working fine, however, the problem is that often people forget to re-release the job when they are done. I’m trying to use advanced BPMs in the BAQ to unengineer and unrelease , then reengineer and release upon saving the record. Unchecking the boxes initially works, but I can’t for the life of me get them to recheck after saving. Has anyone accomplished this?

So far i have a pre-processing BPM on the Update method that unchecks the fields (Set Field setter, which works), and then was trying to use post-processing on the Update method to check(Also Set Field setter). The post process is not working.

Open to other suggestions as well. Unchecking the prevent changes in company config is not an option for us.
Thanks in advance,