Update on Epicor Ideas Status codes

Just thought I would send out an Update on Epicor Ideas… There was a minor platform change that will affect some of your ideas.

Note that this post is NOT to cause any controversy, and should not be interpreted as a controversial subject… just being open and transparent about what has happened. Our voting structure has not changed.


  1. We redefined when the votes are released: FORMERLY, the votes were not released until we “Closed-Delivered” the ideas… we changed this so that once we confirm that an Idea is part of the next release, the idea is marked as closed. No new voting is allowed, and any votes that you have already made are released so you can vote for more ideas.
  2. we more strongly defined each status code, and what they mean (see image below).
  3. we changed Automation so that ideas are not automatically marked as “Delivered” when we finish an Epic in Jira… This was to correct a problem. Formerly, when Development marked the Epic (or story) as “done”, it caused a cascade that would mark the idea as “closed-Delivered” which caused confusion. Thi is now corrected. It also means that we (product management) have to manually move ideas once they are delivered. Not a big problem, but just be aware that any time something is now changed to delivered, it was a manual step.



Thank you Tim this is good stuff

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