Update SNTran for history

This feels like it’s for my own good, but I can’t figure out how to update SNTran. I am working on releasing a couple BPMs that make the SN Transactions more user friendly to read for lifecycle events. I am writing a “Lifecycle Code” to a UD column that I added through a BPM and writing the lay man’s terms in the SNReference field. Is there a way to update previous records in this table that doesn’t involve working outside Epicor?

Tried to do a quick UBAQ with only TranReference as updateable but I get the error ‘Update of SNTran not allowed’. I don’t think there’s a direct way using Epicor BOs.

I would try and hunt for a field that allows you to update it in an maintenance and hijack it to do what you want. If you go into the list view in an maintenance and expose all of the fields you might be able to do it there