Updateable BAQ - How to Use Advanced BPM Processing?

Hello all,

I have an Updateable BAQ that includes UD10, JobHead and LaborDtl:

There are several fields in UD10 that update fine. But I also want to be able to update a few UD fields on the LaborDtl table:

I believe that I may need “Advanced BPM Update” to update both, since it is outside of the scope of the UD10 business object. But I have no idea how to accomplish:

Can anyone lend me their expertise or guide me towards any documentation that might help?

Thank you!


Far from an expert here (really far), but couldn’t you use the normal BPM update but daisy-chain another BPM into the mix?

In other words, do the UD10 stuff in the BAQ (as in your pic), then make a separate BPM - method directive - and invoke the BO for LaborDtl? It would be a BPM on UD10 to fire when a change occurs to UD10, if I understand the situation.

Also, if you get an error in the BPM, I think the BAQ Designer will still relay the error message to you.

I made these notes for myself a while back. As it says, I used the ICE guide as a basis, and these are just extra notes.

How to update a table from an unrelated business object.docx (193.4 KB)

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To piggy back along what @JasonMcD is saying, if you use the UD10 business object, then go into the BO and go the BPM directives and look at the auto generated Base method, you can see how they are doing the single BO. Then you can go do it for the other one, and take both of the code blocks and combine them so that you can do both with your own base method by using Advanced BOM Update Only.