Using Code to Manipulate a Query to Fill a UD Table


Hoping someone can point me in the correct direction. Still new to Epicor and trying to figure out how to get it to do everything that I want it to do when I need it to.

I am trying to pull a query, then use code to manipulate that data and fill a UD table with the manipulated data. While I am able to accomplish all of this in a BPM, is there a way to then run that BPM either at a scheduled time or with the click of a button? Or am I stuck having to tie the BPM to a data change on a different table to force the BPM to run?

What version of Epicor are you on?

I’m sorry, that would help. Epicor 10.1.500.18

Use this link. Picked this up from @josecgomez actually. Scheduling a BAQ BPM is super powerful and I use it a lot now.


If you upgraded to Epicor 10.2 (or better yet: Kinetic 2021.1), you would have “Epicor Functions” which are a superset of BPMs… Functions can be triggered by another BPM, OR can be Scheduled to run at specific times.

Thank you for this. Exactly what I needed.

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