Upgrade From Vantage 8.03.409 to Epicor 10.2.300

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would do a little post to inform and update on a small (yeah right) project I have been working on.

As the title suggests, we are doing an upgrade from Vantage to E10. The reason we hadn’t gone to E9 was historically, the board of directors wouldn’t fund it. We have eventually been able to get the backing (well a few months ago) and now we are looking at Go Live in December.

We have had a few issues (who wouldn’t right), and the main one has got to be the conversion of the DB from V8 to E10. The past 2 passes that we have done have been deadlocked and taken 77hrs +.

I know that this is down to the conversion being from V8 and it has a lot of converting to do. Luckily the time taken from getting the New converted DB downloaded to having a running E10 system to configure is down to around 20 mins.

Will keep you updated as the date gets closer!


Have you tried cirus the cloud upgrade tool? They can usually make the upgrade way faster

Or is this using that tool?

How large is your Db?

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Hi Jose ,

This is using the upgrade tool yeah. We have had the issue escalated to the conversion team and they have created some new tooling to try an resolve the issue. Currently on hour 9 of the current conversion test.

Database was 120GB, but we have been able to remove a lot of rubbish and got this down to 110GB.

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So small update.

We have ran a test conversion to check our timings for the “Go Live” and our database converted in 61 hrs. Our board of directors has given us a time frame from Thursday to Monday which is more than ample to get this all done. We did get another deadlock using the new tooling on the converter, and the conversion team are getting some literature to us to allow us to make some changes to our DB that might speed up the process. Fingers crossed.

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Well we had to postpone our go live day due to some software development that was not finished in time for UAT.

At least I get to actually enjoy Christmas instead so silver linings and all that. We are a little bit gutted that the go live has been postponed, but at the same time, it allows us to better prepare for the actual event.

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We went through an upgrade from the same versions as yourself this year and we also had to postpone the dates. The difference for us was that we didn’t upgrade the data and went through a data cleansing \ import procedure instead. Good luck!


Did you purchase the upgrade tool from Epicor for this process or is it provided at no cost? We are running Vista 8 and looking to do an upgrade to 10 however are wondering we we’re able to do the DB conversion ourselves.

We have a very small DB…8 GB, and the professional services quote to do the conversion seems excessive for that small of a DB.


You don’t need professional services but for a Flat Fee @Vic (how much was it?) it is worth every penny.
Doing the conversion yourself is a hassle and error prone, they have this down to a science. I believe the cost is 3K (don’t quote me on that) but it isn’t a lot and it is WAY WAY WAY better than doing it yourself

Trust me!!!


We are doing the cloud conversion, like @josecgomez says, it does make a huge difference. Our data converted is good and we are using it for doing our UAT. We do still get some deadlocking issues during the online conversion, but the conversion team react fairly quick.

Is the cloud conversion tool available for on premise deployments?

Yes it is

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We just completed our Vantage 8.03.409C upgrade to 10.2.300.9 this past weekend. The entire CIRRUS program from Epicor is FANTASTIC and worth every penny. We went live in 2007, so we even brought over 11.5 years of data except Product Configurator data. The actual database upgrade/conversion process took 49 hours. I think the tool was around $3K for SELF-SERVE but they had another option with consultancy fees built-in. They assign you an upgrade coordinator on the Self-Serve option, they provide accurate and helpful documentation and you can lean on Support for any issues that arise.

Feel free to ask any specific questions… overall it was a fantastic upgrade experience. If only I could get rid of the incapable & lazy users, though! :rofl:

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Thanks for the input @Vic. So does that mean there’s 3 options…Self-serve, self-serve + consultant, and full professional services does the conversion?

I guess Professional services also includes training on E10 etc.

Mark, yeah, that sounds about right.

  • Self-Serve Cirrus $3K~
  • Cirrus Pkg Deal with “X” amount of Hours assumed and built-in $25K~
  • Full blown Professional Services Upgrade $SkysTheLimit

Does anyone know if 10.2.3 will run on Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2014? I know the sizing guide suggests Windows Server 2016 and SQL 2016.

From the New Install Guide for 10.2.300

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Thanks! Is that Doc available on EpicWeb? I can’t seem to find it.

In the downloads section


Ah, thanks. I apparently don’t have access to that.

We actually went from Vantage 6 to E10 in May 2018, and rather than attempting a DB conversion, we worked on exporting and scrubbing all necessary data into a test DB. A few months of testing and user training later we then managed to do a full clean and export over a week for our main company.

We looked at Vantage 6 to E9 some years earlier, but the costs and benefits were prohibitive at that point and it was put on the backburner by the board.

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