Upgrade to 10.2.300.6

I am upgrading from to 10.2.300.6. I am using the Epicor Upgrade Tools and Services. In their process, most of my GLAccount descriptions have had two dashes inserted at the front. “- -”.
I have had less than satisfactory results with support. The data fix offered is not working for me, but I will admit I am not technical and data fixes often don’t work.
Has anyone seen this type of anomaly in the software?
I have tried a DMT fix of the description, but there must be more to these descriptions than other files.

Can you provide the case number and I’ll review? This would seem straightforward for us to address via data fix, and happy to help if I can.

I’ve been able to override GL Account descriptions using DMT, but you have to make sure you also set the Override Default flag on the Account, or else the description will remain the system-generated verison.


Here is the ticket number. Case CS000136331.

I finally Googled my way to a work around. Here is my final response to support.

Google search to the rescue.

My initial question was “Why is this happening?”

The answer is - The reason we are getting the dashes inserted in front of the GL Account description is due to the Override Default Description in the General Ledger Account Maintenance
screen. If this field is False (meaning do not override the description) the Epicor upgrade is inserting 2 dashes in front of the description. Where the field is True, this software anomaly is not happening.

So now I know how to do a DMT load to correct the problem that is being caused by the Upgrade process.

thank you

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That is really Case CS0001363311

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Thanks Tyler

I finally Googled my way to that information.


You can DMT change the flag and then try to run The rebuild GL Display procedure in GL > General Operations menu.