Upgraded ICE Version 3.2.300.0 cannot be less than the current Ice Version

This weekend I installed the update from 10.2.300.4 to 10.2.300.16. I followed the install guide and it completed without errors. I successfully re-deployed the app servers to be 10.2.300.16. Now I’m ready to upgrade the database.

But now, when in Admin Console, I am getting an error when trying to upgrade a database from 10.2.300.4 to 10.2.300.16 which says “Upgraded ICE Version 3.2.300.0 cannot be less than the current Ice Version”. I did already uninstall admin console and task agent, then reinstall them, then apply the update for admin console from the 10.2.300.16 folder but I am still getting this error. I double-checked the timestamp of the filenames for Admin Console and they do match the 10.2.300.16 files, so the update was applied there.

What am I missing?


You don’t need to run the database upgrade routine on a patch.
If you log into the client, it should ask you if you want to upgrade it to the latest patch level.


Thanks for the quick reply Aaron. Launching the client did the trick! I don’t know why I thought I had to do it through admin console or why that fails but this works now. Good to know.

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I just went from 10.2.300.17 up to .22. Did all the steps, closed the admin console, ran the client and it never prompted me to upgrade the db but instead threw an error that it couldn’t connect. Opened the admin console back up and now I cant do anything to get my app server to connect. I have checked the app pool passwords, restarted IIS, removed app servers and re-registered them, removed the db server and re-registered. Even when I try to choose upgrade server I get the msg: the Upgraded ICE version 3.2.300.0 cannot be less than the current Ice version 3.2.300.17. Now what the heck. I have an app server that wont connect at all.

Make sure you log into the client with a system admin account / manager.