User Account - Created Date

Is it possible to get the User Account Created date?
We need this date for Audit Purpose?

I couldn’t find any reference to the date an account was created. In the EmpBasic there is a field called EnrollmentDate. But in my system these are all blank. I don’t think Epicor tracks this field natively. It is certainly a feature you could add with directives.

I just checked current code, and there is no “date added”… when i looked this up in Epicor Ideas, there was no idea created there either.
I did find some related ideas such as these but neither of them ask for a creation date field. I would suggest adding another idea with this specific requiest. (and vote for these ideas too);

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We didn’t need the create date, what the auditors actually wanted was the enabled and disabled dates. We added a Data Directive with logging to do that.


Thanks for your clarification on this.


I am also working on the same topic (who created the account and on what date).

I also use the data directive, but I keep missing something…
I see when I have created an account, also I receive email,
but when other power users create new account, I don’t get any email about it (nor log file entry).

Please share the data directive BPM code and screenshots if that’s ok (here or PM/DM).

One danger with using Change Logs, is that they are tied to a record, and if that record gets deleted, the log entry does too. Probably not an issue with the user file as deleting users is nearly impossible once they’ve done anything that ties their user name to a record.

But if you had change log enabled for OrderDtl, a line could be created, edited, deleted, and then recreated, and you’d not see the original creation or edit.

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I’m at a different company now, so I don’t have that code with me. Feel free to post your code here and someone should be able to help out.

Agree with Calvin here. It’s called a ChgLog, so it logs a new record but with no detail, and nothing for deleted records.

If you do Order Bookings, Epicor does capture every change when you make when you hit Ready To Process.