User Security Form

Does anyone have a new user form they have created that they would be willing to share? Looking for something to have the manager’s fill out that directs staff on what rights a new employee should receive.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Cathy,
I think to answer this one would need to know how the security is set up in your particular system.

One thing I have seen in the past however is you could create security “profiles” by job description. When a new user is added, you could just add the user via the admin console and then make their profile from the template user.


I usually get the following specs for a new user:

“Make it just like Joe’s account.”


Seems like this answer (Make like Joe’s account) is a common but mistaken direction to go…

  1. what if Joe had been given special permissions sometime in the past
  2. why is Joe’s security a “standard”…

Someone probably should review Joe’s security before we start replicating it to others.

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Oh, I fully agree. The “Make it like Joe’s” is most often when one person replaces another, and is now doing Joe’s job. Or they have been added, and will be doing pretty much the same thing as Joe.

emphasis on "pretty much that same"