Using 'Like' with an External BAQ that isn't part of EpicorERP

We have some summary tables which collect data from Epicor tables for analysis. They include data like QuoteNum and OrderNum which we named the same as the Epicor tables. When we report them in dashboard, the Open with functionality doesn’t exist. (of course)

Is there a way to setup that functionality?
We can’t access Erp.OrderHed or Erp.QuoteHed in the external BAQ since it uses a different database instead of EpicorERP (we didn’t want to clutter up EpicorERP with tables that don’t really belong to it).

I’ve done this in a customization before but it got messy. Here is some code I dug up that may help if you try going down that road:

DynamicQueryAdapter dqa = new DynamicQueryAdapter(oTrans);
EpiDataView edv = new EpiDataView();
edv.dataView = new DataView(dqa.QueryResults.Tables["Results"]);
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
dt = edv.dataView.Table;
dt.Columns["extBAQcolumnName"].ExtendedProperties["Like"] = "QuoteHed.QuoteNum";

Just add the extended property in the BAQ then it should behave like any other BAQ once you dropit in a dashboard

Good call, didn’t know about that!

Thank you! That’s perfect :slight_smile: