Using the Epicor HCM Link and/or Timesheets module(s) to integrate with Epicor ERP

Has anyone in this forum used the Epicor HCM Link and/or Timesheets module(s) to integrate with Epicor ERP? I understand that approved time-off requests from HCM could be exported to ERP as indirect labor entries for the approved dates and that these exported entries would flow through the HCM Link module to the ERP Payroll module automagically. I also understand that HCM can request and import labor summary and detail records from Time Entry. I will be testing these functions, but I am wondering if anyone has successfully implemented either of these integrations, and if so, would they be willing to offer any insights and/or comments.

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yep @ScottLepley , we are trying this right now. We don’t have ERP Payroll, but we’re set to bring in labor records (summarized) and push Employee Info and Absences back to the Employee and/or Calendar tables. There are a few gotchas, but if you want to discuss this, it might be easier to talk.

HCM will insert/overwrite entries in ERP without warning in code tables and EmpBasic.
You must synch your EmpBasic table back to tPersonERP before you do this.
You must have the correct HCM and ERP modules licenses before it will work.
You need to have an appserver for HCM b/c it uses a non-default binding.
There are a few places where codes must be translated in Link Export/Import for it to work.
And you need a field for the Employee Role that matches the Role Codes in ERP (I think that is the correct field) and we had to steal the “Job Family” field in HCM to sue for this in a customization.

There’s a few other small things - like if you want the absences to be seen by the Scheduler :slight_smile:


Looks like I may owe you 2 cards (and a dog) in the future :slight_smile:

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Holy smokes, @MikeGross, that looks like prime fodder for the Epicor Ideas portal! Thanks for the reply… I might accept your offer to talk!

Certainly a couple of these are, that is for sure. But Ideas does not have a HCM category yet. :frowning:

Well then, someone needs to add a HCM workspace option! How is that really any different than having workspace options for DocStar and EDA, two other products which are both standalone and integrated?


ERP-I-1764: Add “HCM” workspace option (and/or category option) in Epicor ERP Ideas

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