Using web services API SOA

good day how can I make the call of the sales order service from visual estudio 2017, I have added the api but I can not find a model to do the following

ODataWebExperimental.Northwind.Model.NorthwindEntities nw =
new ODataWebExperimental.Northwind.Model.NorthwindEntities(new Uri(“”));
var products = nw.Products.ToList();
foreach (var product in products)
Console.WriteLine(“Product Name: {0}”, product.ProductName);
for example the previous code is a rest service that creates me in model:using NorthwindModel;
and adding that model I can access the data that the service brings

Are you using REST?

yes, Epicor REST API

I have achieved it with the help of this website: and Epicor10_RestImplementation_10