V5 Version

Some things I've noticed/tested...

Changes in BOM/Routings (Methods) are still not picked up by
MRP Net Change. You'll be stuck running REGEN if you want
a current BOM/Routing. (A bug IMO)

Unapproved lower level methods now create a suggestion instead
of just getting lost when running MRP!

The part maint screen browser selection bar goes clear back
to the top after editing a part. A big pain.

A new field "Scrap Qty" in data collection doesn't mean what
it used to in v4. The old Scrap Qty field is now "Discrep Qty".
An entry to "Discrep Qty" creates a non-conformance. An
entry to "Scrap Qty" just disappears. No non-conformance or
DMR in that case.

On the epicor supplied training database there are several
part revisions that I cannot mark approved even with
supervisor access. Tech isn't sure why.

You can install stand alone on an NT workstation for testing.

The Full-Screen print preview only works for built in reports
and not Crystal.

You cannot download v5 patches with Netscape anymore, you are
forced to use IE.

We can now track material/labor/overhead separately!!