V8.03.305K - BPM/Customization Weirdness

Hi All,

When adding a line, of type inventory, to a PO the Lock field on the
Release tab automatically is checked. If I then uncheck the box and then
save the PO, it gets rechecked.

I called tech support and they said that this is not by design. They
transferred me to the tech group but had to leave a voicemail.

I remember trying to create a BPM that would do this very thing but I
thought I didn't get anywhere with it.

So, I loaded the PO form in base mode, to rule out a customization, and
it still happened.

I looked to see if I have any Method Directives for the PO object and
there are none.

Now I'm just shaking my head.

I had a few questions I wanted to ask the group while I wait for tech
support to call me back.

First, has anyone experienced this before?

Are BPMs restricted to a databases? For example, if I create a BPM in
Pilot, will it affect my live DB?

How are BPMs processed? Is there a sub system that manages BPMs that
maybe I can restart?

Joe Rojas

Information Technology Manager

Symmetry Medical New Bedford

P: 508.998.4575



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