Vantage 4 Report Modification

"File could not be found: "shiphead", at file location:

Your report is pointing at the location "c:\temp"

Most likely you need it to point to c:\vntgwork.

To change this, from within crystal, go to 'Database' at the top menu. From
the drop-down menu, click on 'Set Location'. You will see a list of the
tables and the location of the highlighted one at the bottom. Click through
the tables, changing the location of each to "c:\vntgwork\shiphead.dbf",
etc. After you have updated the location of each, click 'Done'.

Happy Friday everyone! I'm trying to modify a Packing Slip Report and I
can't get the preview screen to come up. I ran the report first in Vantage.
The error I'm getting is Error opening file.

File could not be found: "shiphead", at file location:

I changed the location to: "c:\vntgwork\shiphead.dbf" and it still doesn't
work. Any help would greatly be appreciated.