[Vantage 6.1] Surcharges invoiced to customers

I know that this topic was discussed a while back, but I was wondering
if anyone is adding material/environmental surcharges to the customer

If you are adding surcharges, are you doing it as a miscellaneous
charge or a line item? How do you keep track of which customers are to
get these extra charges and how much the charge is? Has anyone tried
doing a global alert or a BAM to handle this?

Currently we have a VB form on the sales order release where we put
the surcharge for each part, and a report was built listing which
sales orders have the surcharge and what the are. The accounts
receivable person reviews this report daily and adds the surcharge as
a miscellaneous charge onto the invoice. With alot of this being
manual entry there seems to be many opportunities for errors.

Any help and/or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Kathy Schaich
Ultra Tool & Mfg., Inc.