Vantage 8 Capture

We are currently on Vantage 8 we are looking to run Capture on a weekly basis, we currently do it only at month end. Has anything ever done this? Pros? Cons? How often do most people run capture? Any advise on this practice is greatly appreciated.

We used to run it on a daily basis (against my better judgement). The more often you run it, the more up to date the GL will be. But at the trade off of having to do JE when you see a transaction that was done wrong, and was posted.

If Accounting wants to do mid-period reconciliations, then you need to run it more often. Our accounting folks did weekly “checks” on things like SSR and the Inventory GL, and would go crazy because SSR differed because it is PartTran based, and the GL reports are GL based (and the Part trans don’t make GL trans until the capture is run)

And to keep ahead of those at one site, cost accounting added a dashboard that would list some of the more common tran errors. e.g. Mtl issues/moves that were over/under/late (i.e. after op was already completed). To be run at least once daily and addressany problems that occured during the last shift.

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Be careful of timecards. Make sure you have verified all of the timecards for the previous week. After Capture you can’t go back and change them.

Charlie Smith

CRS Consulting Services


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I’ve seen daily capture for 7 days back. This means transactions are posted at 7 days from occurring.

Thank you this is helpful