Vantage AppServers This broker is no longer active


I am having this same issue… any suggestions please? Thank you!
I am installing Vantage 8.03.408B (SQL db) on a new virtual server (my current server is dying a slow and painful death) and get an error message every time I try to start the AppServers in Progress Explorer. It starts but stops before it can become active with a message of “This broker is no longer active (CMNMsg028)”. Most likely it’s just a setting or step I overlooked.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Hi @Dora,

Does this help at all?

I remember back in Vantage 8 days having to do a lot of searching on the Progress sites.

Here’s another one just in case it could be helpful…

Thank you so much!!! I will review :slight_smile:

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I hope it helps! And my complete condolences on having to work with Vantage 8 still! You poor thing! :scream: :face_vomiting: :t_rex:

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But the database starts?
If so, is “Vantage 8.03 Admin Tools” tools listed on your Windows menu, will that start?

The hardware? If so, just make an image of the dying server, and install it on a VM simulating the architecture of the original server. :wink:


Nope… it will not start… Getting:
**CRC for CntgVer does not match CRC in SqlVer.p Try recompiling (1896)

Not that it helps with your current error, but following up on Calvin’s response I had very good luck using VMware’s PtoV tool on our Vantage server. Just a thought if you continue to run into issues… The one thing I had to keep in mind was the hard drive controller needed to be IDE for it to boot without blue screening.

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Possible a wrong patch installed?

ISO Standard = pa803xxxx-S.EXE S for SQL Std
Unicode = Pa803xxxx-SU.EXE - SU for SQL Unicode

Can you verify if you DB is UNICODE or ISO8859-1 and if needed rerun using the correct 803 patch.
Try login to Admin tools and run conversions?

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